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About the Firm

The McGary Firm is committed to the core concepts of Professional, Respectful/ Responsive, Innovative, Dynamic and Efficient services:


Professional - The success of any firm depends on a high level of client and public confidence.  Paramount to The McGary Firm is how it conducts business as a firm and as an advocate for its clients.  The McGary Firm is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior in its business administration and its performance of legal duties.


Respectful - We recognize that the legal profession is a service industry and as such our success is based on client satisfaction and loyalty. Such loyalty is derived not only from the client's level of satisfaction but also from being available to our clients and responding quickly to their needs.


Innovative - Looking beyond formulas and utilizing newer technologies assist us in keeping our business successful and- -

dynamic. The McGary Firm is committed to providing tools for its staff to maximize their potential to continually improve the Firm's productivity, and to facilitate greater communication and exchange of data with our clients.


Dynamic - The McGary Firm is committed to finding more competitive, creative and imaginative ways to meet client needs.  Our services mix experience with a creative drive and an ability to adapt.  We believe our ability to adapt is one of our greatest strengths and we strive to be proactive and offer long term solutions.


Efficient - It is our view that an efficient firm is proactive and anticipates client needs in advance by providing both risk management and problem solving services.  The McGary Firm is committed to helping our clients avoid disputes as well as resolve them when they arise – we hope to provide a ‘fence at the top of the cliff rather than an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.'